3rd and Goal Pre-production






Vicky L. Neal




Jennifer Scott



Running Time

117  min

MPAA Rating

PG 13





Shooting Days

21- 28

Story Summary


Small but Mighty...


Against all odds, the first female quarterback drafted into the NFL battles prejudice, loss of a loved one, and self-doubt as she leads her longtime losing team in the quest for a playoff berth.

Open Eyes Productions, LLC Copyright © 2013 Jennifer Scott


Jenna Ramey was born to play football.  Under the guidance of her father, Sam, a college coach, Jenna becomes a solid quarterback with great agility rarely seen on the field.  She excels in youth leagues, followed by high school and then college ball, where she leads her team to their first bowl win ever.

But then it’s suddenly over for Jenna.  No future seasons to look forward to.  She is lost without the strong connection to the sport she has known all her life.  Women’s leagues would be too easy.  Men won’t want to play ball with her any longer.  Her only hope is to pick up a coaching job to stay around football.

Dave Johnson, the owner of a pro team that hasn’t had a winning season in years, is desperate to fill his stands.  When he comes across Jenna, he makes a bold business move by arranging to have her drafted with the help of her college coach.  Fans will come just to see her take the field, although Dave never means for her to play in a regular season game.

Jenna wants to go for the dream, but her ailing father is on her mind.  He persuades his daughter to do what she was meant to with her life.  At the NFL draft, Jenna finds herself picked up by Cincinnati.  She's on her way to the greater things she has dreamed of.

At training camp, things are rough for Jenna.  Most players don’t want her there.  Head Coach Stanton treats her exactly like one of the guys.  The media follows her every move, but Jenna survives the cuts for a third-string spot on the team.

When Sam suddenly dies, Jenna is crushed.  She no longer cares about her dreams.  Stanton convinces her to return to the field, where she gets her chance to prove herself.  She fails miserably.  But Jenna is no quitter.  She pulls herself together when one of the starting quarterbacks is injured and the other develops a bad shoulder, to show the team, and the whole country, what she is made of.  Despite threats to stay off the field, and initial contempt from the bitter vet quarterback, who also turns out to be her birth father, she helps to lead this team to their first Super Bowl appearance in more than a decade.

Jenna starts the first half.  In order to tie up the game, she runs a dangerous play, resulting in a concussion for her on top of an already injured knee that was just made worse.  She refuses to leave the sideline until the game is over.  At the end of the second half, Cincinnati only needs a field goal to win and Jenna insists on going in to hold for the rookie kicker, whom she has been working with.

During a botched play, Jenna takes another hard hit to the head and can barely hang on.  She bounces back up on a defensive penalty for another shot.  The kick is good, but Jenna is left drifting into unconsciousness.  She awakens in the hospital, surrounded by her teammates, and Todd, her main receiver, who has stolen a special place in her heart off the field as well as on.